Christmas tree mat

An easy to make and stylish mat to put under your Christmas tree. The only part that takes time is waiting for the paint to dry, but you can always do some other Christmas crafting while you wait!

Draw a stencil for the mat

Tie a pencil to a piece of string. The string should be approx. 50cm long. Hold the end of the string in place and use the pencil to draw a semi-circle on a piece of tracing paper. Cut out the stencil, place it onto a piece of double folded jute cloth and cut out your mat.

Iron around the edge

Fold in the edge between 1.5 and 2cm all around the mat and then iron it so that it stays in place.

”Soil” the mat with white paint

Take some white fabric paint and use it to roughly cover the entire mat as shown.  Leave the paint to dry and then use the iron on the reverse side of the mat to fix the paint. Follow the instructions given on the paint bottle.

Sew on the ribbon

Sew on the zig zag ribbon around the edge of the mat. This will sew the previously folded edge at the same time.


Cut out 12 felt stars using the attached pdf template. Glue them around the outside of the mat, leaving a gap of 8cm between each one.  You can use textile glue or hot melt glue, but bear in mind that you will not be able to wash the mat if you choose to use hot melt glue. Decorate the stars with Glitter Liner. Tie 12 pieces of string into small bows and glue one on to each star.