Leather Christmas tree

This stylish leather Christmas tree is easy to make and will look great on your desk or table.

Cut out the leather discs

Use a compass cutter to cut out the leather discs in a variety of sizes. If you don’t have a compass cutter you can draw the circles on the leather using a standard compass and then use a pair of leather scissors to cut them out. Also cut out a star for the top of the tree.

Make the holes

Use a pair of hole punch pliers to make a hole in the centre of each of the discs. The diameter of the hole should be big enough for the plant stick to fit through, but tight enough so that the discs stay in place.

Thread on the discs

Thread the leather discs on to the plant stick in size order.

Clay base

Mould a piece of clay to form a sturdy base for the tree and push in the plant stick. Glue the star on the top of the tree and leave the clay to dry.