SnapPap Star

SnapPap is a very durable material which makes it ideal for making Christmas decorations, such as this star. To ensure that the end result is neat and even, it is important that you cut out and fold the pieces with care.

Cut out the pieces

Print out the stencil and use a craft knife and a steel ruler to cut out the pieces of the star as follows: 1 x A, 3 x B and 1 x C. Mark each of the pieces so that you know which is which. This will be important later. Use an awl to make two holes as indicated on the stencil.

Score the pieces

Use a bone folder to score along all of the folds on the front of each of the pieces. You will need a steel ruler for this. This will make it easier to fold each piece and the end result will be neater.

Fold the pieces

Place the pieces face down and fold along all over the scored lines, starting with the tabs. Open up the pieces again, place them face up and fold the short tabs towards you. 

Glue the pieces together

Start by applying a little glue along the long tab of piece A and fold the piece so that the tab sits under the other long side. Leave to dry and continue to do the same with the three pieces marked B and piece C. Now the five points of the star are done. 

Glue the points together

Glue along the short tabs and adhere the pieces of the star together in the following order: A, B, B and B.

The last piece

Finally, glue on piece C, but do NOT glue it to piece A.

Tie together

Thread a piece of string or ribbon through the two holes, tie a double knot at each end so that the star stays together and  form the star by tying ends of the string together.