Decorate glass with transfer motifs

Pressing flowers is a fun, but time-consuming hobby. It takes a long time before the pressed flowers are completely dry and ready to use as decorations. Luckily, we have a sheet of flower transfer motifs which you can use to decorate your items instead. If you don’t want to use the glass jar for storage, you can place in a wick and fill it with wax casting flakes to turn it into a candle instead. You can learn more under the heading “Candle making” in the Inspiration section of our website.

Cut out

Use a small pair of trimming scissors to cut out the motif you want to use. Cut out the motif as close as possible and ensure that there are no pointed corners.


Place the motif in a small bowl of lukewarm water and leave it to soak for around 30 seconds.


Remove the motif from the water and slide it off the protective backing and onto the glass jar. Use a piece of kitchen roll to press the motif to remove all excess moisture and to flatten out any air bubbles or creases. If you want to protect your motif, apply a coat of decoupage varnish over it.