FIMO clay coaster

Mix together strings of different coloured clay to create a coaster with a beautiful marble-effect pattern. If you want your finished coaster to be brightly coloured, mix only coloured strings of clay together, but if you want a paler, more subtle finish, mix a few thin coloured strings with a lot of white clay.

Choose the colours

Select the colours you want to use. Use more strings of the colour you want to dominate the finished coaster.

Roll out the clay strings

Break off small pieces of clay and roll them into strings, some thick and some thin.

Roll the strings together

Roll the strings together into a long “snake”. Twist and fold the “snake” a few times as shown and continue to roll it. Do this until the colour of the clay looks to your liking.

Shape into a ball

Shape the clay into a ball and then start to flatten the ball out into a disc. 

Roll out

Choose which side of the disc you want to be the top of the coaster and use a rolling pin to roll out the clay until it is around 5mm thick. Use a sharp craft knife to trim the coaster to the desired shape and size. The coaster we made here was made using mostly white clay.

Harden the clay / paint

Harden in the oven according to the instructions on the packaging, leave to cool and then paint around the side with gold-coloured Art Metal paint.


Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic varnish to the top of the coaster. If it flows over the sides, wipe it off straight away. Leave the varnish to dry for at least a day before using the coaster.