Oak shelf with leather hanging straps

A beautiful wood surface looks great in any home and the classic combination of oak and natural leather is pretty much unbeatable. Not only does this look remain stylish as the years go by, but the materials look even better as they age.

Treat the wood

Treat the surface of the wood by working in some wax or oil or by applying a coat of varnish. We used a colourless wax oil to protect the wood and to give it a nice smooth finish.

Leather cord

As the oak shelf is heavy, you will need to use leather cords without joins to hang it. Use a pair of hole punch pliers to make a hole at each end of the straps and then reinforce each of the holes with an eyelet. You will find instructions for assembling an eyelet in our Tips and techniques section. Hang the straps on too a couple hooks and then hang the shelf in place in the straps. It really is that easy to make your own stylish home d├ęcor details.