Plant stick trellice

Make this small simple trellice for when your spring seedlings start to sprout. For this project we used plant sticks, but of course you can make a sturdier one using 8 – 10mm wooden poles if you prefer. 

Plant sticks

Sketch out how you want your trellice to look. Work out how many sticks you will need and long they will need to be.


Use a Japanese hand saw or suchlike to saw the plant sticks to the desired length and smooth off the ends with a foam sanding block.

Start assembling

Place your sticks onto your sketch to start building your trellice and apply a drop of glue where they cross each other to hold them in place.

Metal wire

Wrap metal wire around each “cross” as shown to stabilise your trellice. The drop of glue will help to hold the sticks in place while you do this.