Halloween bunting

This spooky bunting is easy to make and will make a fun finishing touch for your Halloween party

Paint the toilet roll tubes

Paint some toilet roll tubes with white paint. Print out the pdf template above and use it to cut out the bats in black card.

Fold and cut the tissue paper

Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half and fold using accordion folds until you come to around 2cm from the centre fold. Cut into 1cm wide strips as shown.

Roll the tissue paper

Roll up the tissue paper so that it will fit inside the toilet roll tube, applying a little glue as you re doing this so that it stays rolled up. Glue the tissue paper to the inside of the toilet roll tube

Glue on the eyes

Glue plastic eyes onto the toilet roll ghosts and the bats.

Make holes

Use a pair of hole-punch pliers to make holes in the sides of the ghosts and the feet of the bats as shown and then thread them onto a length of macramé cord.