Concrete lemons

Use a real lemon and some moulding latex to make your own casting mould and then use the mould to make as many of these concrete lemon decorations as you like. Obviously, you're not limited to lemons. Use your imagination!

Apply the latex

Place a lemon on a flat surface, such as a thick piece of card and then apply a thin coat of moulding latex to the lemon and to a few centimetres of the card around the lemon. Leave it to dry.

Continue to apply more coats of latex

Continue to apply latex to the lemon, one coat at a time, allowing it to dry between applications. 6 - 10 coats of latex is recommended.

Support and cast

When the mould is ready, carefully remove it from the lemon by pushing the lemon through the hole at the bottom and make a card support plate to hold up the mould while you fill it with the CreaStone material. Make the diameter of the support plate large enough to enable you to hang it over a bowl or a bucket while the cast dries. You can also use plaster in the mould, which is more suitable if you want to paint the finished cast. For ours we chose to use CreaStone casting material.