Punched bracelet

Make some of these cool bracelets for your family and friends.


Pick out the letter punches you need for your bracelet and measure how long the name is going to be. Mark out the space you need in the centre of the bracelet and affix a piece of masking tape on the bracelet at each side. Punch on the name one letter at a time.

Sand and bend

Use a sheet of fine sand paper to smooth off any sharp edges and then use a bracelet bending tool to shape your bracelet.  

Colour in the letters

Use stamp enamel to fill in the punched letters and wipe off any excess liquid with a cloth or a piece of kitchen roll.


Cut off a 1.5 – 2m length of thin leather cord and use it to tie macramé knots around the bracelet.


Follow the instructions in the pictures to the left to tie your knots. If you can’t see clearly what you need to do you can find macramé instructions here: Inspiration-jewlellery-Makramé.



Finish the bracelet

When you have finished tying your macramé knots, tie a knot in the leather cord and applying a drop of super glue.