Utility belt

Make your own utility belt from some seamless leather strap and cowhide leather ¼. Ideal for carpenters, but also great for gardening enthusiasts and other handy people.

Cut out the pieces and mark out the seams

Cut out three 42.5 x 15.cm pieces of the cowhide leather. Fold them to make 19cm pouches to hang on the utility belt. There should be an overlap at the tops of the pouches (above the openings) to affix them to the belt and to still allow you to place items in the pouches (see main picture). Use a lacing chisel to make holes along the open sides of the pouches 0.5cm from the edge. The chisel won’t go through both layers of leather, but will leave guide marks, so you can open the folded leather and finish making the holes on the layer underneath. Use a cutting mat when you do this.


Sew the pouches together with waxed linen thread and using a saddle seam. To do this you will need a length of thread which is three times as long as the seam and you will need to thread on a needle at each end of the thread.


Measure around your waist and cut off a suitable length of leather strap, allowing for size adjustment. Fold the leather strap through the buckle and mark where you need to make the hole for the buckle and for the double cap rivets. Use a pair of hole punch pliers to make the holes in the strap and affix the rivets. 


Cut a piece of the leather into a 25 x 2cm strip and fold it into a loop as shown.

Belt post

Cut a 2cm strip of leather and measure it around the belt strap, making sure that there is room for two layers of strap (for when you adjust the belt). Wrap the post around the belt and when you are happy that it is properly adjusted, seal it with a drop of strong glue.

Affix the loop and pouches

Lay the leather strap out on your work surface and arrange the pouches and loop where you want them to hang on the finished belt. For our belt, we have placed the pouches 11, 32 and 76 cm from the belt buckle and the loop, 72cm from the buckle. Adjust yours accordingly depending on who it is intended for. Place the tops of the pouches under the strap so that the edges are level with each other. Make holes in the strap and the pouches and affix the pouches to the strap using six double cap rivets as shown. 

Make the holes in the belt

Make holes in the belt at the opposite end to the buckle. The holes should be approximately 3cm apart.

Affix the loops

Affix the loop to the strap with two double cap rivets.