Fox bag

This cute felt bag is easy to make and is sure to be a firm favourite with the kids.

Cut out the pieces and iron them together

Use the pattern in the attached PDF file to cut out the felt pieces. Iron the orange “head” piece onto the white piece with a sheet of Vliesofix between them. Also iron the ear pieces together with a piece of Vliesofix between them.

Sew the edge seams

Sew a seam around the head and the ears.
Stitch the ears as indicated on the pattern so that they have a slight fold in the middle.
Place the ears, at a slight angle, around 7cm from the upper edge of the head. Sew the ears onto the head along the bottom so that they stick out a bit.

Sew on the shoulder strap

Cut an 8 x 95cm piece of felt for the shoulder strap and fold it in half lengthways.
Sew a seam along each side of the strap.
Sew the head (flap) onto the back of the bag around 7cm down from the upper edge.
Sew the shoulder strap onto the back of the head and the bag.

Sew the bag pieces together

Sew the sides of the bag together.
Fold out the bottom of the bag as shown and sew a seam.

Drill holes and paint the wooden button forms

Drill holes in three wooden button forms for the eyes and nose. Paint the button forms black.

The eyes and nose

Sew on the eyes and nose.