Fix & Store

What do you need to fix? Is something broken? Almost everything can be repaired, and we have glue for many different types of materials. The Fix & Store section contains tons of products. For example, if you want to restore or completely renovate your furniture, the furniture care chapter has many excellent products. Products in this category include spackle and filler, oil and wax, scissors and other useful tools.

Bullet journaling is an analogue system for our digital era. It will help you plan for the future and archive past events, and offers a place to keep notes and organise your lists. All you really need is a notepad and a good pen, but a few stickers, coloured pencils and stencils will make it even more fun.

With a laminator, you can protect your photographs, printouts and important documents. Every home needs a paper trimmer to perfectly cut paper, photos and printouts of various types.