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1.36 kg modeling compound for light, strong and durable objects.
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Sculptamold is a dry white modeling compound that you easily can create very light, strong and durable objects and decorations with. The compound is non-toxic and does not shrink when dried. Sculptamold adheres to almost all clean surfaces without crackling. It can easily be shaped around various objects such as lamp bases, chair legs, vases etc. It can also be applied to flat objects or to a wall. If you want to build up volume, apply the mass in layers, preferably in combination with aluminum net or metal mesh as reinforcement. The reinforcement gives strength and stability to the construction. Shake the contents of the bag thoroughly and add water according to the instructions on the bag. The mass begins to harden after about 30 minutes. Therefore, prepare only the amount you have time to shape in 30 minutes. The bag's content is 1.36 kg gives about 2.3 l of solid mass

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