Glazing Resin, 150ml {{selectedArticle.articleNumber}}

Glazing Resin, 150ml

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A two-component epoxy resin consisting of one part resin and one part hardener which becomes transparent after curing. Apply to scrapbooking projects, sculptures, paintings, home decór, etc. to achieve a beautiful relief finish. Can be used on glass, ceramics, metal, painted wood and plastic, paper, card and canvas. Dry to the touch after about 6 hours and completely cured after 12 hours. Can not be mixed with Crystal Resin. The pack contains hardener, resin, protective gloves, measuring scoop, spatula and English instructions. Directions for use: Ensure that the object you wish to apply the resin to is lying flat and mix 1 part hardener with 2 parts resin in a clean, dry container. Pour the mixture into another clean container and mix for optimal hardening. Use on the desired object and leave it to dry in a dust-free environment. Curing time may vary slightly depending on the temperature of the room.

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