Worbla Black Art, 30 x 20cm {{selectedArticle.articleNumber}}

Worbla Black Art, 30 x 20cm

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Worbla's Black Art is a non-toxic thermoplastic material which can, when heated with water or a hot air gun, be moulded and formed into any shape you like. Black Art becomes pliable at between 80 - 90oC. The material is black and double-sided with one smooth side and one grainy side. When heated it will become transparent, but will return to its original opaque black colour once it has cooled. You do not require any glue as the material has a layer of heat-activated adhesive on one side. Left over pieces of Worbla can be heated and up and formed like clay, which minimises wastage. Once cooled and hardened, Worbla can be painted with acrylic of spray paint.

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