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Magic Marble Paint Set

6 x 20ml
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Set of quick drying marbling paints for use on wood, plastic, paper, metal, terracotta and styrofoam. The paints can also be used on glass and porcelain, but only for decorative purposes. Marble paints are available in 2 different sets, basic and metallic. The basic set contains the following colours: White, Sun yellow, red, blue, green and black and the metallic set contains the following colours: Silver, gold, blue, red, green and violet. Instructions: Pour some water into an old bowl or tub and add a few drops of each of the paints you want to use. You can add one or more colours. Carefully move a plant stick over the surface of the water so that the paint starts to create a marbling effect in the water. Dip in the object you want to marble, lift it out again and leave it to dry. 6x20 ml.

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Basic Colours
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