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Finishing Oil Indoor

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Liberon Finishing Oil is suitable for indoor use on all types of wood. Preserves and protects the natural lustre of the wood. Can be used on untreated or previously oiled wood. Excellent for use on kitchen work surfaces, dining room furniture, in wood turning work and for wooden items in damp areas as well as for surfaces that come into regular contact with food. It is even approved for use on children's toys. It is colourless and only has a faint odour. Drying time is 6 hours. Instructions for use: Shake the packaging well before use. Always ensure that Finishing Oil is applied to a clean and dry surface and that surfaces previously treated with wax or oil are cleaned beforehand with Furniture Cleaner. Painted or varnished surfaces should be treated with Stripper prior to use. Finishing Oil should be applied using a brush or a cloth. Leave to dry for 15 minutes and then wipe off any excess oil with a cloth. Previously untreated wood should be coated 2 or 3 times, rubbing the surface lightly with grade 4/0 steel wool between coats. Always test on a non-visible part of the wood before use to ensure that there are no problems. Used cloths should be soaked in water or wrapped in aluminium foil to avoid spontaneous combustion. Brushes and tools should be cleaned with Furniture Cleaner or white spirit. 250ml is sufficient for 2.5sqm.

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