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Natural Goatskin

1mm. 6 - 9 sqft.
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From EUR 9.50/sqft
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Premium quality, vegetable tanned goatskin. Sizes vary between 6 - 9 sqft and are sold by the sqft. We will supply the hide from our warehouse which is closest in size to your order. Thickness: 1mm. Natural coloured leather and suede can be coloured with leather stain. This soft leather has that distinctive goatskin creak and is ideal for making backpacks, wallets and book covers. Conversion table: 1 sqft = ca. 30.5 x 30.5cm and 1 sqm = 10.75 sqft. Country of origin: India. Our leather and suede products are available in the following standards of quality: Premium - Mostly blemish free. If there is any damage, it can be found along the edges of a complete hide. Standard - Slight blemishes may be found on the complete hides. Second layer - blemishes can be found on this leather.Third layer - Contains a lot of blemishes / damage.

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