Pendulum Clock Mechanism {{selectedArticle.articleNumber}}

Pendulum Clock Mechanism

Size: 108 x 72 x 28mm
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Quartz pendulum clock mechanism with electronic melodies. Supplied in default setting with the clock set to 12:00 and with Bim Bam set as the preset melody to play at full volume. Can be set to play the Westminster melody every 15 minutes, with a strike on the half hour and hour or the Bim Bam melody on the half hour and hour. The mechanism has a night mode which can be activated to reduce the volume between certain times. The mechanism can be set to full volume, low volume or silent. The mechanism and the pendulum operate independently of one another. Max. pendulum length: 500mm. For used with 5 - 7mm thick clock faces. Supplied with clock hands. Requires 2 x AA / LR6 batteries (not included).Size 108x72x28 mm.

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