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Two-Way Mirror

Thickness: 3mm
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Two-way mirrors work by allowing in half of the light and reflecting have of the light from both sides. To maximise its function as a two-way mirror, it is required that there is a significant difference in light on the two sides. This works by then allowing the mirror to reflect almost no light from the dark side meaning that anyone stood on the light side will see a mirror, whereas anyone on the dark side will see a window. Two-way mirrors are sometimes also known as one-way mirrors or spy mirrors. Thickness 3 mm.

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300 x 200mm
300 x 200mm
In stock EUR 25.90/pc
400 x 300mm
400 x 300mm
In stock EUR 44.90/pc
600 x 300mm
600 x 300mm
In stock EUR 62.90/pc