About us

A warm welcome to Slöjd-Detaljer

Interest in handicrafts is growing and people are woodworking, knitting and crafting as never before. Even forgotten styles and retro crafts are experiencing a renaissance. Here at Slöjd-Detaljer, this suits us perfectly as creativity is something that is close to our hearts. For over 50 years we have provided our customers with hobby and craft materials. We also do our utmost to convey our philosophy that people need creativity to live a good, happy life and to feel good in their souls.


 Business model

 Our business model is to sell consumables and tools for hobby, craft and educational purposes.

 Our range - which consists of around 10000 lines - should be as all encompassing as possible for creative school subjects, hobbyists and professional craftsmen as well as for those who enjoy crafting just because it is so much fun. We also strive to be environmentally aware, both when selecting our product range and designing our working practices. Since 2009 we are ISO 14001 certified.

Secure shopping

As a serious mail order company, we are a member of Emota and have thereby been awarded a Secure Online Store certificate. This means that as a customer, you have extra security when you buy from us. Emota exists so that the customer is protected when buying online / through mail order and only secure online stores receive the certification. If you would like to read more, please click on the following link (in Swedish) www.tryggehandel.se
You can find Slöjd-Detaljer’s certificate here www.tryggehandel.se/butik/157

High Requirements

Slöjd-Detaljer has suppliers form all over the world. This is so we are able to offer our customers the best combination of quality, price and service. It is important to us that we take our responsibilities seriously, but also that our suppliers do the same and follow all applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, we require all of our suppliers to follow our Code of Conduct. To this end we sign a contract with each of our suppliers which includes the following:

- Compliance of laws and regulations

- Health & safety

- Working environment

- Environmental issues

- Chemicals

- Minimum wage

- Working hours

- Prohibition of child labour

- Freedom of association

We hope that you are satisfied with us, both as a company and with our products. We are more than happy to receive feedback, both positive and negative. If we do not stock an item you are interested in or if you want to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.